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By participating in ePoster Presentation, clinicians are able to showcase their own cases, and engage in healthy competition with fellow practitioners to improve their clinical skills and show off the ones they have gathered. This not only cultivates a feeling of mutual learning and inspiration, but also earns clinicians MiCD CPD points and certification.

Direct Restorative Treatment of a Deep Class IV Cavity

Aaron Neal Y. Lu

Smile Yoga

Dr Arvind Ashtankar

Esthetic rehanilitation of midline diastemas in upper arch using ceramic veneers: a case report

Athanasios A, Papadopoulos

Closing Diastemas in Lower Arch: A Minimally Invasive Case Report

Evangelia Tzoka,1 Pantelis Kouros2

Esthetic Build-up of Peg Shaped Lateral Incisors during Orthodontic Treatment

Dr Geraldin Q Abesamis-Cruz

Restoring Interporximal caries Lesions with Tunnel Restorations Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Dr Griya Ridha Raharja

Composite Layering Technique to Restore Severely Attrited Teeth

Foong Kam Wah

Enhanced smile utilizing the BTA technique at minimal biological cost

Kenji Tsubota, Akinobu Furuya, Kengo Maejima, Eiichi Yoshikawa

Esthetic Restoration of Traumatized Central Incisors: Combined Indirect and Direct Approach

Dr Kimberly Ray R Fajardo

Shear Bond Strength of a Flowable Composite with and without Bonding Agent in a Class V Cavity Restoration

Lim Do, Lu Any, Balacanao Lc

Direct Laminate Veneers with Resin Composites Containing S-PRG Filler

Masashi Miyazaki

Aesthetic Management of Complicated Crown Fracture of Anterior Tooth

Prof Dr Md Mujibur Rahman Howlader

Enhancing Smile of Mild Fluorosis by Resin Infiltration Treatment

Dr Narudol Trethanya, Asst Prof Dr Nantawan Krajangta

A Simplified Approach for Direct Posterior Restoration

Noboru Takahashi

Precision Layering and Material Color Selection for Anterior Direct Composite in 1/3 Incisal through Dental Photography and Polarized Filter Analysis

Dr Onny Eryanto Limantoro

A Refreshing Smile

Pimpamon Piromruen

Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Upper Incisors using Direct Composite

Dr Rahul Rathi

Biological and Technical Complications of All-ceramic VS Metal-ceramic full coverage Fixed Dental Prostheses

Dr R Liosatou, Dr S Michou, Dr K Kountouras, Dr D Torotpidis

Multidisciplinary Journey of a Fractured Tooth

Dr Sandhya Shrestha

Internal Bleaching with Hydrogen peroxide 35% in Discoloration Tooth due to Trauma

Dr Shelly Mayvira

How to avoid Flash Shadow in Facial Photography

Dr Suhit Adhikari

A Minor Change to Enhance her Confident Smile

Thanasak Rakmanee

Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Discolored Tooth and Anterior Spacing

Theam Jing Yi

Effects of Reverse-preparation algorithms of the CAD software on the Marginal and internal fit and tensile strength of dental restorations

Wakabayashi Kazumichi, Carbajal Jeison, Nakamura Takashi, Yatani Hirofumi

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